• Features

Connect offers the following features

One system for all your ValueLink clients

One system for all your
ValueLink Clients

  • Consolidate all orders from your ValueLink
    Clients at no cost.
  • Communicate with clients.
  • Manage Orders for multiple appraisers in
    your office with one login.
  • Send status update on orders
  • Deliver reports to clients without any hassle
  • Receive revision requests in one location
On your desk or on the go

On your desk or on the go

  • Rich, easy to use web based platform and mobile
  • Manage your orders from your smartphones – Both Apple
    and Android devices are supported
  • Communicate with ease – Receive and respond to
    messages while in the field
  • Never miss a deadline with the built-in calendar
  • Synchronize appointments with your smartphone
  • Schedule Optimization – Advance mapping
    features to quickly identify nearby appointments
    and optimize your schedule
  • Real-time notifications
Office Management

Office Management

  • Dashboard for order management
  • Assign orders to appraisers, agents, reviewers,
    supervisors, and fee inspectors
  • Setup limited profiles for vendors to
    see only their own orders.
  • Consolidated order calendar
  • Track all vendor information
  • Track credentials and certifications
  • Set–up fee splits
  • Set–up coverage area
Efficient Order Management

Efficient Order

  • Single dashboard for all orders at your company
  • Optimize your schedule by quickly
    identifying nearby appointments
  • Advanced mapping functionality
    to determine the best route
  • Synchronize appointments with your
    phone calendar
  • Never miss a message from a
    client or a vendor
  • Real-time notifications on your phone
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Lightning Fast


  • 25+ built-in reports
  • Robust report builder tool to
    build your own reports
  • Unlimited flexibility for your
    reporting needs
  • Export reports to PDF and Excel


  • Automatic invoice generation
  • Track receivables
  • Track Payables
  • Record Payments and reconcile
  • See trends and analysis

Tools and Automation

  • Real-time email alerts and
  • Automated emails and reminders
  • Configure it your way
  • Advance fee tables with support
    for state, county and zip code
    level fees

Secure and Reliable

  • Built using the latest technology
  • Running on Microsoft Azure cloud
  • Advance failover and redundancy
  • Encryption of data at rest
  • Real-time replication of data on both

World Class Support

  • Detailed Knowledge base
  • Support Fanatics to assist you at any
  • Phone Support available during
    business hours
  • Online support available round the clock